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Steve Davis Steve Davis
For Real

Mother's Touch Orrin Evans CBBB
Mother's Touch

Top Shelf Ralph Bowen
Standard Deviation

David Gibson

Art Hirahara

Brian Charette



Triple Play

Doug Webb

Triple Play


New Releases

Steve Fidyk

Behn Gillece - Dare To Be
"Gillece is in command of his ax as well as his position as a leader. This is a swell serving of mighty fine sitting down jazz sure to get you shaking in your seat." - Midwest Record

Steve Fidyk

Steve Fidyk - Allied Forces
"This is smoking stuff that works throughout and is the kind of friendly hard core jazz that brings new listeners into the tent despite themselves. On the money throughout and totally hot." - Midwest Record

Peter Brendler

Peter Brendler - Message In Motion
" The music that Peter Brendler creates is lively, thoughtful, playful, exciting, and smart. This fine album makes one wish to see and hear this group live." - Step Tempest

Doug Webb

Doug Webb - Bright Side
"Webb is a specialist at devising tight punchy heads that pack sizeable ensemble wallops while working flexibly as spring boards for economy-minded solos." - dusted magazine

David Gibson

David Gibson - Inner Agent
" Obviously playing from the gut and the heart, this music connects and opens your mind as well as your ears." - Midwest Record