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Altin Sencalar

SencalarDiscover The Present - PR8255

Altin Sencalar - trombone
Diego Rivera - tenor sax
Markus Howell - alto & soprano sax
Anthony Hervey - trumpet
Michael Dease - baritone sax
Art Hirahara - piano
Raul Reyes Bueno - bass
Rudy Royston - drums
Pete Rodriguez - congas & percussion

Acclaimed jazz trombonist Altin Sencalar strikes a harmonious chord with "Discover the Present. This highly anticipated album is a vibrant blend of tradition and innovation, a eleven-track opus with an all-star band that showcases Sencalar's unparalleled talents and tasteful well-crafted musicality. Sencalar's virtuosity on the trombone is awe-inspiring, capturing the essence of jazz while infusing it with his unique style and flair. From exhilarating uptempo pieces that pulsate with energy to soul-stirring ballads that tug at the heartstrings, Sencalar's versatility shines through in every note. As an embodiment of Sencalar's dedication to pushing the boundaries of jazz while honoring its rich heritage, "Discover the Present" is not just a musical endeavor; it's a celebration and an invitation to immerse ourselves in a world where melodies speak volumes and rhythms stir the soul.