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Ralph Bowen


Jared GoldDedicated

Ralph Bowen - tenor saxophone
Sean Jones - trumpet
Adam Rogers - guitar
John Patitucci - bass
Antonio Sanchez - drums

Sit back and be filled with joy and wonder as Ralph Bowen delivers his harmonic message with stunning lyricism on an amazing tour de force program of his original compositions, where every song is a musical message of gratitude "dedicated" to one of Bowen's mentors.

Bowen shines brightly on the date with the incredible support of an all-star rhythm section comprised of guitarist Adam Rogers, bassist Jon Patittucci, and drummer Antonio Sanchez. The results are simply astounding and special guest Sean Jones even stops by for a song to lend his trumpet to the set. Meanwhile, Bowen leads by example and makes the entire session swing, surge and soar beyond the sonic stratosphere to reach new heights and delights.

For over two decades, saxophonist Ralph Bowen has made his mark on the New York jazz scene, but now jazz fans everywhere will certainly be amazed to listen in as he takes his "casual perfectionism" and "flawless technique" to the next level with the release of his new disc "Dedicated" on Posi-Tone.