Raised on Okinawa, Japan, EDWING first learned chords using his older brother's guitar, and enjoyed listening to South American classical guitar music. Neighborhood GIs exposed teenage EDWING to American music from James Brown to Kenny Burrell. EDWING and his family relocated to the United States in 1966, where he soon discovered that the best American music is jazz. Arriving on the 70's club scene as "Fast Eddie" in the virtuoso fusion ensemble, The East-West Band, his versatile playing was a sensual delight. Despite artistic success and critical acclaim, the band broke up after releasing only two albums on Olive Branch Records. During the 80's, EDWING studied with several jazz masters including Willie Jones II and Billy Rogers. While frequently paying his dues on organ trio gigs in the lounges of the Central Avenue circuit and schooling his chops in after hours jams, he developed his precept of independent swing. In 1988, EDWING's first solo project, Thought Transference, a melodious blending of harps and zithers, was released by Mountain Castle Music. EDWING's hard-swinging, adventurous playing continues to change people's frequencies to the positive.

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